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Where In The World Should We Go?

Gay rights, including marriage and adoption, have changed immensely in the past decade. There are countries that are fully supportive of LGBT people and their families, and there are places where being gay is a crime. As you plan your next international trip with the family, it’s important to know which places are safest to […]

Balta & Andrew with Granddad and Grandmary

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Meet The Grandparents

My partner Carmine and I became dads while living in Los Angeles, very far away from both of our respective “home bases.” Carmine’s siblings all live close to his parents in the Boston area.  And while my siblings were a bit more dispersed around the country, they usually flocked to visit my mom and dad […]


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Families in the Southwest, Austin Pride

Family Equality Council® and GayFamilyTrips.com are thrilled to partner with the Austin community to create additional family-friendly spaces where parents and prospective parents who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer, along with their children and other allies, can celebrate, make new connections, and reflect on the equality movement.   Weekend Schedule (currently subject to […]

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