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A Gay Family Destination Wedding!

Engaged LGBT couples in 33 states have a couple of choices: wait for legislation to get passed in their home state making it legal for them to marry, or travel to one of the seventeen states (plus the District of Columbia) where it’s legal now. reached out to same-sex wedding planner Bernadette Coveney Smith […]

Lisa and Elliesofia paddling on the Tidal Basin

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Washington, D.C. Behind the Scenes

Justitia Omnibus! In Latin that means “justice for all” and, while many people don’t know it, it’s the motto of our nation’s capital. I’ve lived about 45 minutes from Washington, D.C. for eight years and my wife, daughter and I have made many trips into the heart of the city. While the city’s LGBT population […]

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Why not travel by train on your next family vacation? Amtrak is America’s Railroad®, the nation’s intercity passenger rail service and its high-speed rail operator. Enjoy the journey on Amtrak. With our Family Vacation packages, leave the driving and planning to us and spend more time making memories. AMTRAK understands that diversity not only begins with respect […]

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