San Diego Harbor & Downtown

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Family Fun in San Diego

There are various images that come to mind when I think of traveling to certain U.S. cities. Los Angeles usually conjures images of Hollywood, and Washington, D.C. generally brings thoughts of monuments and museums. But when I think about San Diego, “family fun” is what flashes through my mind. Just a few miles north of […]

Catalina Sofia and family in Columbia

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Go Baby!

I was recently remembering when my wife Lisa and I took our two-year old daughter to Colombia, South America. We were squished into a tram with about 20 other people, suspended 8,000 feet above sea level (with about 2,000 more to go), and what does my two-year old want to do? Breastfeed, of course! And […]


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Provincetown Family Week

Family Week is Family Equality Council’s largest annual event. In its 19th year, this fun-filled week will include numerous opportunities to build community among attendees and to get empowered on the issues that face our communities today. Family Equality and COLAGE are partnering once again to create an amazing week full of great conversations, dancing, […]

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