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My partner Carmine and I began our family in 2003 thanks to the gay-friendly adoption laws in the great state of California. Our son Baltazar was only seven at the time, and for a couple of years his younger half-brother Andrew also lived with us.  We’ve experienced what it’s like to travel with kids at different ages: infant, toddler, youngster, tween, and teen.

When I grew up, my parents planned a lot of family vacations. They weren’t wealthy—and had 5 kids—but since they were both teachers they had long breaks from their work. Mom and Dad were smart planners who wanted to show us kids that there’s a big world outside of Waco, Texas.

So early on, my parents invested in a Travel Master travel trailer and an International Harvester Travelall to pull it. Summer, spring break, Easter, Christmas, and long weekends brought us the opportunity to travel on vacation together—sometimes to a nearby state park or campground, and other times on driving trips cross country to California, Wyoming or Washington DC.

My passion for travel and our great experiences traveling as a gay family have motivated me to start We’d love to inspire gay families to plan “even better” vacation experiences and motivate progressive travel and tourism businesses to reach out and embrace our growing market segment.

Please share your feedback on the website with me at  We want to make it a great resource for you!

Steve Brister, Founder

Steve Brister and family



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